Link Your Emergency Teams With EmergaLink™

EmergaLink™ is dedicated to equipping civilians with state-of-the-art training and tools to help them respond effectively during and after emergencies. Client organizations include businesses, non-profits, public and private schools, houses of worship and homeowner associations. Business clients, particularly, may use the EmergaLink program to comply with the OSHA mandated, Emergency Action Plan (EAP).

Each client organization creates a “Team” which receives emergency training that covers a variety of skills, ranging from medical triage to active shooter response. EmergaLink also offers all of its clients a subscription to the Titan HST app. This smart phone technology provides team members with an instantaneous two-way person-by-person communication system that allows them to send and receive critical information via video or text during any sort of incident.

If you have any questions about EmergaLink, please do not hesitate to contact us!