Wm. F. “Bill” Cunningham, Jr.

CEOP | USCG – Vet | CEO/Developer

  • CEO and Founder of BERT on 9/11/2008
  • U.S. Coast Guard: Professional Tall Ship Sailor – Commodore of Friends of Argus
  • 35 years experience as resolution specialist guiding over 4,000 businesses through the litigation process with specialization in eminent domain, construction, and IRS assistance
  • Santa Ana Urban Area for the DHS Urban Area Strategic Initiative Volunteer
  • Nationally certified Emergency Operations Professional from ACAC.org.
  • Developer and Graduate of the BERT Academy Class 1



Robert C. Feldtz

CEOP | Battalion Chief | USAF – Vet | VP – Curriculum

    • Lead Instructor of the BERT program and a Director and VP of Curriculum
    • 32 years with the Orange County Fire Department/Authority – Logistics Specialist, Logistics Manager, Fire Crew Supervisor, Cadre Instructor, Fire Apparatus Engineer
    • 15 years as a member of the State of California, Office of Emergency Services, Logistics Committee: Provided input and decision-making for the direction of the eight California Task Forces and maintained tracking of expenditures for 4 budgets, over 1.5 million dollars
    • Logistics Chief on the Southern California Fire Team One



D. Scott Walker

CEOP | EHS Professional | VP – Corporate Development

    • Senior Specialist Environmental Health, Safety, and Sustainability at Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision (JJSV)
    • Over 30 years of experience in the field of environmental and occupational health, safety and sustainability
    • Vice President of Corporate Development and serves on the Board of Directors for BERT & Graduate of the BERT Academy
    • Director of Gleaning/Advisory Board Member at Solutions for Urban Agriculture (SFUA)
    • Board Member at the Industrial Environmental Coalition of Orange County (IEC/OC)



Denton Knapp

OSHA | Col-USA (retired) | VP – Safety

    • 30 years of Military deployments in the US and overseas – gained intense safety experience from training and participating
    • OSHA Credentials
    • Plays role in reviewing the IIPP as it is being implemented but facilitate a physical inspection of the facility and provide a written report




Russell Levy, Esq., Safety Adviser/Trainer
Carlo Nicastro, MD, Medical Ops Adviser/Trainer
David McGregor, CEOP, Caribbean Operations/Trainer
Katie Cunningham, CEOC, Youth Initiative
Vlad Anderson, PD Adviser/Trainer
Roy Goodwin, OCFA – Ret, Fire Training Adviser/Trainer
Craig Casey, OCFA – Ret, Fire Training Adviser/Trainer
Shannon Morris, Transcription
Bill Lohman, CEOP, Insurance Adviser
David Ihrig, Video talent/Production
Ursula Walsh, Volunteer Emergency Planning Adviser

Titan HST – Computer App
IWByte.com – Website Management
OMNEtech – Kurt Heitman – Tech-Soup Administration/Software Engineer
Abatix Corporation – Equipment
Legends Environmental – CNA Insurance
ACAC.org – Professional Credentials