Evaluation of BERT Workshop – Anguilla

August 2-3, 2017


I found the workshop to be quite beneficial. Content of the BERT Program is very appropriate and relevant. All businesses should ensure that they expose their staff to BERT and implement the program in their workplaces, because it is an essential and necessary requirement.   I look forward to being an integral part of implementing the BERT program at my workplace and being part of the EOM team.   The workshop was well conducted by Mr. David Mcgregor. He did a fascinating job of keeping the group engaged and interactive with his wit and humor. Mr. Mcgregor is obviously quite knowledgeable on the subject. The organizers did a very good job; lunch was fine and enjoyable. The facilities were accommodating. Thank you!

GoodWill Industries

Paul Scruggs


Goodwill of Orange County would like to thank the … Police Department, Fire Department and all others for identifying our organization as a partner in the Business Emergency Response Team training.   The BERT training has become a lighthouse for our organization.  The program has not only provided us with a road map for further development of our disaster program but also provided us lifelong partnerships to facilitate continued growth as we move into the future.  We look forward to a continuing effort to work with current and future BERT members in the years to come.   Bill, It has been amazing to not only see the amount of support the city leaders have given this program, but how much you and others have sacrificed to make the BERT training successful.  Without a doubt, you have the deepest thanks and gratitude of all your BERT students.

Pioneer Circuits

John Mirshahabi


The BERT training program provided key information that I can utilize in both my personal and professional life.  The segments of the training that I particularly like are Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Medical Operations and Disaster Psychology. I strongly believe that this training will help me in assessing not only my needs but also the needs of co-workers or even my family in an emergency situation.   I would without a doubt recommend the BERT Training program to any business representative in the Santa Ana area.  You’ll get an impressive, professional hands-on training. Taught by qualified emergency personnel.   Thank you for a fine training program, which will allow me to continuously improve upon the level of service I can provide.


Jeff Hurtig


Fabcon’s participation in the B.E.R.T. program has given us valuable insight as we move forward with preparing our in-house “Emergency Response Plan”. We now have a better understanding as to what to expect from our city’s first responders, how to properly prepare our facility and staff for emergency situations as well as the opportunity to network with our neighbors so that we might share assets and support in times of crisis.   I found the lectures both interesting and pertinent. The opportunity to participate in hands-on training scenarios with the first responders was invaluable. I strongly suggest that all businesses in Santa Ana participate in this program.

Royale Health Care

Midge Smith


It seemed that every class held a wealth of information, not only for our businesses but also for our families. Many hands make light labor and the teamwork spirit of Santa Ana proves this to be true.


Janes LaSalle and Brad Gaston

The … BERT program was a fantastic event, which I found to be informative and inspiring. The program instructors and the organizer (Bill Cunningham) were insightful teachers who gave us a hands on performance that enlightened all of us of our critical responsibilities as emergency responders. In the class, I actually felt as though I were in a real crisis situation, and psyched myself on the methods I would need to know and use to respond adequately with forethought and calmness should a real disaster ever strike. I soon began to recognize weaknesses in our business preparation methodology, and immediately received guidance on how to recognize and correct these deficiencies.   I found myself excited to attend each class every week and immensely enjoyed the comradeship of many of my business neighbors of whom I would have never met had it not been for this assimilation. Bill has done a great job with this endeavor, and the support he receives from the Police and Fire Departments is a testament of the validity and vital need for this program. I would highly recommend it to all persons who wish to learn and mature in the ways of helping others, as well as ourselves when a disaster occurs.  We owe it to our friends, family, and coworkers to become leaders instead of followers when a disaster strikes.

Glenn Gelman & Associates

Michelle Murray


Initially I was “volunteered” for this class and really didn’t really expect much.  I have gone through CPR and First Aid training in the past and figured it would be very similar.  Much to my surprise it was much more comprehensive (although they don’t provide CPR training).  It was an enlightening experience to say the least.  We had a verbal enactment at the beginning to show us our knowledge.   I have learned everything from psychology to sign language and all the various ways to deal with various crisis situations.  After the 6 weeks of training we did a hands on application, I enjoyed this part!!  This was a real eye opener into how much we learned.  I would even recommend doing maybe two at the end instead of just one, so future students could really get the “hang of it”.  I feel I’d be at least helpful in a crisis situation now.  It’s nice to know I’d be a part of the solution not part of the problem.   Thank you very much to All who trained us!!