American Bio-Recovery Association (ABRAis happy to announce that we have added a membership benefit available to ABRA members, affiliates, and their employees.

NOTE: click here to begin training.  The 10% discount code at checkout for ABRA members and affiliates is 16ABRA1231.

BERT (Business and Family Emergency Recovery Training) now provides discounted access to on-line, and live training programs in English and Spanish to all ABRA member companies.

There are 11 course modules which cover such topics as Terrorism, Active Shooter, Best Practices & Implementation Procedures. BERT’s non-profit status also allows it to provide the training for free to family members of course graduates.

ABRA also receives rebates to support its mission for every training event attended under the discount code (provided below). A percentage of course fees that are paid to BERT also supports community hero organizations.  BERT training certification has demonstrated potential insurance premium reductions eligibility and can provide elective professional development (CE) credits. The BERT program is the internationally recognized, course provider for the Council-Certified Emergency Operations professional designations obtainable through


With the BERT program you, your employees and your families will have a comprehensive understanding of how to handle virtually any emergency until help arrives. Moreover, you will have an implemented Emergency program which can make your company more valuable to the community. BERT professionals can work with ABRA companies as community leaders and true value-added partners to your clients.


BERT’s mission is to alleviate fear. They have been working towards that goal since 9/11/2008.