Recognizing that in your size of organization, many will have multiple duties, the following is an ideal situation for a fully-prepared organization. Starting with Emergency Operations Managers, Scribes and Section Chiefs will effectively begin the process of moving into an implemented program and culture of safety.   See:   Org Chart.  Extensive training throughout the company can come with time.

The first step is to identify Teams:  BERT uses OSHA VPP and FEMA recommendations of a 5:1 ratio. There should be one Certified person with five individuals on a BERT-team.   Each team should have an administrative scribe.  No team leader should ever have more than five people reporting to him/her)

1- Identify one overall Emergency Operations Manager & Scribe per shift (with redundancy).

2- Identify Section Team leaders (& scribes with redundancy):  Administration, Operations, Medical  (No more than two others as appropriate.)

3- All other employees to be divided into teams of six being led by a certified individual.

4- Each team to be assigned to a Section Team.

5- Managers and Team Leaders to take on line certification course and become certified through  See below.

6- Monthly each team focuses on one aspect of emergency training with the specific focus to their expertise or assignment.

7-  For individual team leaders and scribes completing the course:

  1. Choose ENGLISH or SPANISH on-line recovery training.
  2. Purchase Course  (Prior arrangements with appropriate discounts can be made)
  3. Return to Course Description
  4. Complete Course Modules; take copious notes
  5. Return to Course Description
  6. Print Certificate
  7. Share with immediate family members.   Note:  It is available for up to five immediate family members for 30-days.
  8. Implement the program