“BERT is an employee engagement program that provides national credentials, structure and a platform to mitigate, document and respond to an incident or emergency by enhancing a culture of safety in your business.”

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  • Does your company have a designated or certified Emergency Management Team?
  • Does your company have designated personnel trained in simple fire fighting concepts if first responders are delayed?
  • Does your company have a plan to safely shelter personnel in place if they are unable to leave the facility?
  • Does your company have personnel identified who have undertaken first aid / CPR / AED training?
  • Does your company have equipment and personnel trained to cordon off a dangerous part of your facility to keep people safe if first responders are delayed?
  • Does your company have redundant Emergency Managers per shift?
  • Does your company have emergency lighting to handle overnight shelter and searching for people?
  • Does your company have security provisions if power is interrupted?
  • Have your company emergency employees made provision to take care of their families at home so that they can be focused on assisting at your facility?
  • Has your company developed a plan for involving all personnel and vendors in a comprehensive recovery plan?
  • Does your company have utilities feeding the facility identified for proper shutdown in case of an emergency?
  • Does your company have an ability to identify all individuals on site for accountability in case of any emergency?
  • Does your company have its supply chain documented?
  • Does each company identified in the supply chain have an emergency plan that is able to address your company‚Äôs needs in any emergency?
  • In your company, are emergency drills conducted without notice, and including all personnel (including key persons)?
  • In your company, do any emergency drills include unusual inject situations that compound the situation causing a higher level of thinking and participation by those potentially involved?
  • Does your company conduct regular table-top exercises at business meetings?
  • Does your company incorporate a culture of emergency planning to regular operations?
  • Does your company have a relationship with local first responders and community emergency organizations?
  • Does your company have a specific, tested recovery plan to retrieve and activate all records, including the computer programs necessary to active them, within 24-hours of an emergency?