Online Training

  • The online safety training course contains videos and quizzes to ensure everyone who passes the course is OSHA certified!
  • The training course is divided into 12 modules each with a different topic. Topics include  Incident Command System, Medical Triage, Fire Safety and Civilian Response to Active Shooter.
  • Videos are about 20-40 minutes in length resulting in about 6 hours total of training material.
  • Quizzes are given throughout each training module to check your understanding!
  • Feel free to take a break at any time during your training, and your progress will be saved.


Below are some previews of the courses we offer.

B0 INTRODUCTION to Emergency Operations Management OneOC

This video is more than just a free informational piece.  It is Module One in the accredited course.  Specific facts are presented to encourage tangible  action  steps to strive for business continuity after an emergency.  The course works to shift corporate and employee thinking to allow for a speedier recovery.

This FAL Accredited course fills the information gap between incident onset and first responder arrival. Emergencies can be big or small; this course offers instruction to bridge that time and ensure an efficient and proportional response.

The EOM attendant course prepares candidates for American Council for Accredited Certification’ s (ACAC) Council-Certified Emergency Operations Professional designation. (CEOP).  CEOM (Manager) and CEOC (Coordinators) are also available.

The Basic course is designed for all family, staff and any individual not directly expected to manage an emergency.  They will learn key concepts and terms to support management staff, and their families.

B5 Light Search & Rescue OneOC

Initially I was “volunteered” for this class and really didn’t really expect much.  I have gone through CPR and First Aid training in the past and figured it would be very similar.  Much to my surprise it was much more comprehensive (although they don’t provide CPR training).  It was an enlightening experience to say the least.  We had a verbal enactment at the beginning to show us our knowledge.

I have learned everything from psychology to sign language and all the various ways to deal with various crisis situations.  After the 6 weeks of training we did a hands on application, I enjoyed this part!!  This was a real eye opener into how much we learned.  I would even recommend doing maybe two at the end instead of just one, so future students could really get the “hang of it”.  I feel I’d be at least helpful in a crisis situation now.  It’s nice to know I’d be a part of the solution not part of the problem.

Thank you very much to All who trained us!!

– Michelle Murray, Glenn Gelman & Associates