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Power Out – gridlock. How far and wide is it?

EMERGALINK™ is a next-generation platform, including mobile phone APP technology, which creates an instantaneous communication system between any group of people before, during and after an emergency. The scalable EMERGALINK program features allow you to send and receive critical information, real-time such as the nature of any incident, a graphic of its precise location, who all may be affected, and who may be sick, injured or missing.

In any incident or emergency, you will be able to make informed decisions as what to do and how to do it for you, your family and your employees.

As your local EMERGALINK™ team grows you all become a stronger force for good in your community.


Before and After Anguilla, a tiny Caribbean Island country held a BERT training session at the St. Maarten training center in August.  In September, when Hurricane Maria blew through the Caribbean, the training center was totally wiped out.  (See pictures in the local press release below)

Subcontractors, businesses, related facilities and/or chambers of commerce come together with EMERGALINK

Become a valuable asset to your business or community by offering a tangible service to current and prospective clients.

Before going any further, ask yourself:  What is the value of your colleagues going through important training and communicating together with you, starting today?

How can you be the catalyst to teach others how to take care of themselves, their families, and their businesses until first responders arrive; and, help develop how to recover to normal operations after they leave?

EMERGALINK™ – Our community Emergency Link program which brings people together to assist each other.

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Costs only $99/year/user

Orange County EMERGALINK Instant Communications with other businesses & facilities | Be proactive with your employees, your family and yourself | Become a Force for Good in your Community | JOIN US — Make a difference | You can make a difference in a tough time.


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