The BERT Foundation, Inc. provides charitable services to the community.

VOLUNTEERS:  The staff is minimal and BERT volunteers serve  on our boards, committees, teams and as overall contributors.

COMMUNITY HEROES FUND:  100% of all donations received as part of a campaign are designated to a support a community hero organization as determined by the class.  Prior recipients include BSA Police Explorer Post #238, Wounded Warrior Project, and the K9 vest project.

BUSINESS EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM, BERT-FUND:  to address and support the “Recover from” aspect of the mission,  100% of all donations to the BERT FUND is set aside for travel expenses to send BERT graduated personnel to an emergency to assist with business survival and recovery.

Grants are available, based upon funding levels, to companies that can apply for up to 75% reduction in class fees.

General Charity: 10% of all net fees collected annually will be designated to either the BERT-Fund or the Community Heroes-Fund at the direction of the Board of Directors.

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