EmergaLink™ aims to enable schools, businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit groups to plan and respond effectively to emergencies in their environment. The 6 steps of creating your own emergency response team through EmergaLink™ are outlined below:

  1. Recruit Leaders: Recruit a group of responsible individuals from your organization to lead, organize and strategize the Emergency Operations project.
  2. Develop Scope: Identify and assess the most-pressing emergency scenarios your community/work environment faces.  Determine which scenarios to develop actual response plans for as a team. Begin execution plans.
  3. Reevaluate Team: The teams report to leadership, expand and recruit, and continually adjust
  4. Train: Have your team take the courses provided by EmergaLink™ in order to follow FEMA guidelines. Continually follow up with your team to ensure the training is understood and to resolve any difficulties. 
  5. Develop Plans: Develop plans for specific contingencies. Assign roles to team members based on competencies/previous experience.
  6. Drill Regularly: Run through practice drills as a team. This is the best way to evaluate your plans and the ability of your team to carry out those plans in a particular scenario.